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Tobe Gerard, CLTC, MBA, MLS, LIA

logo Tobe Gerard entered the insurance industry more than 35 years ago in a highly unusual way – through her work as a librarian! When she served as head librarian at the prestigious Insurance Library Association of Boston, she realized that she discovered a new passion. She loved insurance more than she loved being a librarian!

Since 2000, Tobe has committed her professional life to helping people manage the risk of needing extended long term care.

Because of her strong belief in independent insurance agencies, as well as her knowledge that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to insurance, she has always represented at least eight long term care insurance companies.

She has been a national educator on the topic of long term care insurance, and an active champion for smart insurance reform on both the state and national level (more on that below).

Tobe earned the leading long term care insurance designation, the CLTC (Certified in Long Term Care), in 2001.

She became a faculty member of The National Alliance (Austin, TX) in 2004 and taught long term care insurance in their James K. Ruble program throughout the country through 2010.

She earned her LIA (Licensed Insurance Advisor) license in 2013 that allows her to act as an adviser on a fee for service basis.

Tobe served as a Board member of the Massachusetts Association of Health Underwriters from 2005 through 2013. As the chairperson of their Long Term Care Insurance Committee, she lobbied energetically for long term care insurance rate stabilization in MA. She also served on the LTC Advisory Committee for the National Association of Health Underwriters from 2007 through 2014, and was a regular contributor to their LTC Messenger newsletter.

Prior to starting her agency, she was Director of Agency Services for the Professional Insurance Agents of New England and their successor organization, responsible for the recruitment and retention of all Association members, as well as the sale of all of the Association’s insurance products.

A strong believer in giving back and paying it forward, Tobe has served on a numerous boards within her local community over the past 30 years.


Nicole Wozniak, Client Services Manager

nicoleNicole joined Tobe Gerard Insurance, LLC in 2012. Nicole started her career in the long term care insurance industry in 2002 as an issue analyst with John Hancock. In that role, she reviewed and processed long term care insurance applications. While at John Hancock, she also received her CLTC (Certified in Long Term Care) and LTCP (Long Term Care Professional) designations. From 2005 to 2011, Nicole worked for The McAree Company, a general agency that specialized in long term care insurance. In that role, she worked directly with insurance agents and financial advisors to serve as their internal support for underwriting questions, proposals, and other related assistance.

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Tobe was a pleasure to work with right from the beginning. She quickly responded to our initial outreach by visiting us to understand our needs and to provide us with educational material so that we could begin the process of learning about long-term care insurance. She demonstrated boundless patience (!) and maintained her sense of humor with our endless myriad questions and concerns, always making time to talk until we felt we had come to the best decision. She was very accommodating and her willingness to chat by phone or via email as many times as we needed was above and beyond, often responding off-hours. Tobe was invested in making sure we were well informed and did her best to research any questions she could not answer right away. Tobe is a wonderful educator. Her clarity and thoroughness enables her to explain concepts in a very clear and concise manner; she made what could be a daunting menu of benefits and combinations easily discernible. She was honest and forthright when she felt we were going astray or looking at aspects of policies that may not be in our best interest. At the same time, she was always respectful of our particular concerns, needs, preferences and hesitations. Understanding the nuances of the products and benefits and helping us to foresee the future while making us comfortable with our decisions (so that we could finally make a decision!) is what we appreciated most. She shared her history with the long term care insurance industry in such a way that we felt comfortable navigating the news stories, others’ skepticism, and our own fears about making such a long term financial commitment. Ultimately, with Tobe’s professional and skilled guidance, we were able to confidently choose a policy that seems like the right fit for us.
Deborah Issokson and Liane BrombergHull, MA