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Long term care insurance was the furthest thing from my mind before an estate planner recommended that my husband and I consider it in order to protect our assets if we ever needed long term care. I wasn’t keen on imagining myself in a situation that would require long term care, but just to cover all bases, we met with Tobe — and then put off thinking about it for another year. At that time, Tobe made me aware of changes in various company policies that impacted women and the type of coverage I might want. I decided to apply and she guided me through myriad questions in a clear, timely, and thorough way, never being directive about particular companies, always focused on listening to what was most important to me. The application process can be difficult at various points – it can seem as if your health is called into question as you make your way through endless checklists of symptoms – but Tobe kept it upbeat, gave good guidance, and actually made it pleasant. When the process was complete and I had my policy in hand, I was sorry we had to part ways. In short, Tobe is terrific and great to work with – I would highly recommend her to anyone purchasing a policy or even to someone simply wanting to explore why LTCI might be a good idea.

An anonymous but grateful clientNewton, MA.