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Having longevity issues in both of our families we realized the importance of, and the need for, comprehensive long term care coverage. Knowing the complexity of this product we wanted to work with the best–someone who is very knowledgeable in the product and would have the credibility that would give us a level of comfort that they had our best interests in mind. We did extensive research to find the business partner that we wanted to work with. After reading many articles we felt that we knew what we were looking for. Tobe’s website was very professional and the testimonials there were impressive. To verify the validity of what we read we even participated in all of the educational webinars that she offers. That sealed the deal. She obviously knew the subject matter inside and out and came across as the type of caring person that we would be comfortable working with. We are very glad that we made the decision that we did. We recently purchased a shared policy. During the entire process Tobe was by our side explaining, educating, and guiding us. With both of us being financial professionals we tended to ask a lot of questions. Tobe was able to answer all of our questions and was very patient in providing us with a level of comfort that the product we purchased was the best option for us. Regardless of whether you are very knowledgeable in this area or are a novice in this subject matter, we highly recommend Tobe as someone you should work with.

Bob & Marilyn O’ConnellWalpole, MA