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I am a former commercial casualty-property insurance broker, now retired from a national brokerage firm. I first met Tobe when she was a Long Term Care instructor at a Certified Insurance Counselor seminar I attended about eight years ago. I was impressed with her knowledge of LTC Insurance, as well as her ability to convey information in a clear and concise manner to the class, and keep it interesting. So, when I was finally ready to purchase LTC Insurance, Tobe was foremost in my mind, even though I know good local agents I could have also consulted about this product.

Once I started working with Tobe, I realized that, not only was she exceptionally knowledgeable about LTC Insurance, and could explain it very clearly, but she was also very thorough, extremely responsive to my questions, and had very quick turn around on items she needed to check into. And, I discovered that she really cared about me and the protection she felt I needed. And, a plus, she is truly a very, very nice person.

CMHPortland, ME