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I want to thank Tobe Gerard for her devoted patience and guidance throughout our time together in securing a LTCI policy for me.  She was extremely knowledgeable about all of the different types of policies that were available in the market today.  She was always very responsive to all of the follow-up questions that I might have had.

6 years prior I had been introduced to Tobe through my financial provider.  Many of his clients, including himself, were LTCI policy holders through Tobe and her team.  At that point in time, life had seemed to have gotten in the way and I didn’t secure a policy, but I had not forgotten her efforts in presenting all of the different options to me back then.

Moving forward 6 years, I had a very close family member that was going through a medical situation and there was no LTCI policy.  I can tell you through this experience that it wasn’t pleasant finding out that traditional medical insurance does not provide many of the securities that one might need in the future.  this experience was the immediate reason that I reached out to Tobe again.

From start to finish the process was very easy.  We had a few meetings together to start the process.  Then there was the research stage where we talked about the various options.  I had some questions that came along and Tobe answered them all.  With Tobe’s guidance we looked at which policies could fit my situation best and I decided upon one.  Once Tobe delivered the policy it produced a feeling of great happiness and security knowing that I was adding this layer of protection for me and my family.

I truly recommend Tobe Gerard with all of your long term care needs.  Thx Tobe…

Kevin DonaseFoxboro, MA