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In the area of Long Term Care Insurance, Tobe Gerard is an established expert. Her many years of service in the industry qualify her as a definitive authority on insurance matters, but it is the undivided and patient attention that she provides clients that makes her so unique. There is not a situation that she has not already encountered at some time and so working with her gives all involved a true sense of confidence. This confidence matters greatly because as an independent salesperson she chooses which company she will represent in a given scenario. I am licensed to sell Long Term Care Insurance, but I know that using Tobe gives me an edge that is difficult to match. She understands client needs and it always feels like a true partnership working alongside her. I cannot imagine working with anyone else in this area, and I certainly hope to continue this partnership as long as time permits. When I have a client that requires special attention in the area of Long Term Care Insurance there is one person I trust to call and that is Tobe Gerard. Her attention to details, spirited cooperation and unmatched expertise separates her from anyone else I have worked with. In short, a call to Tobe is a call to the best.

Tom RoachBBS Employee Benefits, Newton, MA