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Tobe is one of the top experts in Long Term Care Insurance in the US. She is the person other insurance people turn to for answers. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is amazing. But even more impressive is the way she works with people. She listens to their concerns and develops a plan tailored to their individual needs. I know this because a number of my clients work with Tobe. I have known her since 2003 and she has always been the professional’s professional.

Larry Dannenberg

Tobe Gerard is THE expert regarding LTC insurance! In the nature of my job, I work with several dozens financial advisors/wealth advisors; all top notch. I wholeheartedly recommend Tobe for LTC advice, contract review, and group policies. Based on my observations, most of the aforesaid advisers also call on Tobe for similar help…despite the fact that many of their firms can offer LTC products! Tobe is simply that reputable in her niche area. Tobe is also a wonderful person who deeply cares about her clients, referral sources, and those around her. I cannot recommend Tobe highly enough.

Joe Chatham

Thank you very much for speaking with us and reviewing our policies with us.  It is a relief to know that we have a good policy for each of us and we plan to keep them.  We were impressed with your knowledge on the subject.  The conversation was very helpful to us.

Attorney, Arlington MA

Tobe has been instrumental to our business as we develop our clients’ financial plans.  The cost of healthcare is #1 on many people’s minds as it has been rising at such a rapid rate lately.  In particular, we work with many single women who want to plan for their care later in life.  Tobe’s consultative nature is so comforting and appealing to everyone we have introduced to her.  She is the antithesis of what people expect of an insurance agent.  Myself and my team at Twelve Points couldn’t feel more fortunate to have such a consummate professional as a resource for us and our clients.

David Clayman, CMT, AIF, C(k)PTwelve Points Wealth Management, Concord, MA

Tobe Gerard is a true professional in the sense of striving to understand the client’s concerns and placing the client’s best interests first, and in her continual professional interest in the Long Term Care insurance industry.

I have worked with Tobe for the past 4 years on LTC cases for my insureds and am always impressed with not only her knowledge but also her ability to listen and relate to people.

Chip BoyntonBoynton Insurance Agency, Needham, MA

Tobe, I Wanted to give you some positive feedback. After I forwarded the information on our LTC policies to our estate attorney, she emailed me back and said that in her 22+ years of law practice, these were the best long term care insurance policies that she’s ever seen.

Daniel J. Foley, Jr.,Esq.Mass. Association of Insurance Agents, Milford, MA

The first thought that should pop into anyone’s head when the subject of long term care planning and insurance enters into a conversation is: Tobe Gerard Insurance. Tobe is a true expert. Her knowledge of the long-term care market is extraordinary. She will find what company offers what plan with what options given one’s needs, goals, and budget better than anyone. She is always up-to-date on the ever-changing laws and regulations that are a fixture of elder law and works closely with attorneys and others who specialize in this area of the law. But what separates Tobe is her gift of understanding and empathizing with the client. Those who even remotely work in the elder care market know it can be very time consuming requiring a great deal of patience and thoroughness. Tobe has almost infinite possession of these attributes. In a nutshell, she understands. She cares. This allows the strategic partner an opportunity to work with a prospect or client in an area that he or she might avoid because of the ever-changing nature of the market and the law within elder care and long term care planning and insurance. Tobe will help make this market a reality for you. Her expertise and her empathy put her at the top of the list of advisors working in the long-term care market.

Richard P. Burton, CLU, ChFCBurton Financial, Quincy, MA

In the area of Long Term Care Insurance, Tobe Gerard is an established expert. Her many years of service in the industry qualify her as a definitive authority on insurance matters, but it is the undivided and patient attention that she provides clients that makes her so unique. There is not a situation that she has not already encountered at some time and so working with her gives all involved a true sense of confidence. This confidence matters greatly because as an independent salesperson she chooses which company she will represent in a given scenario. I am licensed to sell Long Term Care Insurance, but I know that using Tobe gives me an edge that is difficult to match. She understands client needs and it always feels like a true partnership working alongside her. I cannot imagine working with anyone else in this area, and I certainly hope to continue this partnership as long as time permits. When I have a client that requires special attention in the area of Long Term Care Insurance there is one person I trust to call and that is Tobe Gerard. Her attention to details, spirited cooperation and unmatched expertise separates her from anyone else I have worked with. In short, a call to Tobe is a call to the best.

Tom RoachBBS Employee Benefits, Newton, MA

Having “peace of mind” is a ubiquitous term in the insurance industry. However, it is also exactly how I would describe my dealings with Tobe Gerard. For over 10 years, I have been referring my clients to Tobe Gerard with a well-earned confidence. Tobe’s expertise in Long Term Care insurance is unparalleled. She has the uncommon ability to connect with her clients and form relationships that truly help in navigating the many details and difficult decisions involved in Long Term Care Insurance. These relationships are cultured with a fine balance of professionalism and genuine sensitivity. Tobe Gerard knows her stuff in and out and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with her.

Tim Harrington, Financial Services ManagerGallant Insurance Agency, Inc., Acton, MA

Many times I make the suggestion to my estate planning clients that they should explore Long Term Care Insurance. I always refer them to Tobe Gerard Insurance. Tobe’s many years of experience in the field gives her a great understanding of the industry and the unique requirements of different insurers. She provides my clients with thorough and accurate information that is tailored to their needs about their Long Term Care Insurance options. She takes the time to get to know my clients so that she can provide important guidance in determining which policies are best suited to help them meet their personal goals. I know my clients are in good hands with her.

Denise Yurkofsky, Esquire The Law Offices of Denise Yurkofsky, Wayland, MA

Tobe Gerard Insurance is a fantastic resource. Tobe has been able to help me and a number of my clients understand the complexities of Long Term Care Insurance. She is always extremely courteous, patient, and most importantly responsive. Anytime I speak with a client and the issue of Long Term Care Insurance arises, the only person I think of is Tobe.

Robert Monahan, AAI, Account ExecutiveMcSweeney & Ricci Insurance Agency, Braintree, MA

As a registered representative from a full service firm, I am licensed to sell LTC insurance. But since I have known Tobe, I have referred all of my Long Term Care Insurance prospects to her. Her extensive knowledge base combined with her caring and easy style are a winning combination. Tobe is the best of the best!

J. Chrisann Taras, CFP, RBCWellesley, MA

They say there are five pivotal people in each life. For me, Tobe is one of those five. I have had the privilege of knowing Tobe for over five years. She has been instrumental in the growth and development of my business. I am thrilled every time I am able to refer a client to her because I am able to give something back to her, and I know how well my client will be treated. In fact, my clients call me back to thank me for making the referral. They rave about her professionalism, integrity, and understanding. Tobe is a rare individual. I am honored to call her a colleague, friend, and mentor.

Tracey A. L. Ingle, Esq.Southborough, MA


Tobe is my trustworthy “go to” person for long term care insurance. Ten years ago, when my spouse I considered buying Long Term Care insurance, she guided us with her extensive insurance product knowledge and demonstrated her commitment by finding the best insurance value for our needs. I highly recommend her.

Dennis StoneNorman, OK

Tobe is an exceptional professional with deep knowledge and commitment to her clients. She is a woman of uncompromising integrity and I recommend her without reservation. I’ve recommended her to my own clients, and the best recommendation I can give her is that she also wrote the LTC policy for my Mom.

Gloria Cole

I want to thank Tobe Gerard for her devoted patience and guidance throughout our time together in securing a LTCI policy for me.  She was extremely knowledgeable about all of the different types of policies that were available in the market today.  She was always very responsive to all of the follow-up questions that I might have had.

6 years prior I had been introduced to Tobe through my financial provider.  Many of his clients, including himself, were LTCI policy holders through Tobe and her team.  At that point in time, life had seemed to have gotten in the way and I didn’t secure a policy, but I had not forgotten her efforts in presenting all of the different options to me back then.

Moving forward 6 years, I had a very close family member that was going through a medical situation and there was no LTCI policy.  I can tell you through this experience that it wasn’t pleasant finding out that traditional medical insurance does not provide many of the securities that one might need in the future.  this experience was the immediate reason that I reached out to Tobe again.

From start to finish the process was very easy.  We had a few meetings together to start the process.  Then there was the research stage where we talked about the various options.  I had some questions that came along and Tobe answered them all.  With Tobe’s guidance we looked at which policies could fit my situation best and I decided upon one.  Once Tobe delivered the policy it produced a feeling of great happiness and security knowing that I was adding this layer of protection for me and my family.

I truly recommend Tobe Gerard with all of your long term care needs.  Thx Tobe…

Kevin DonaseFoxboro, MA

Tobe was a pleasure to work with right from the beginning. She quickly responded to our initial outreach by visiting us to understand our needs and to provide us with educational material so that we could begin the process of learning about long-term care insurance. She demonstrated boundless patience (!) and maintained her sense of humor with our endless myriad questions and concerns, always making time to talk until we felt we had come to the best decision. She was very accommodating and her willingness to chat by phone or via email as many times as we needed was above and beyond, often responding off-hours. Tobe was invested in making sure we were well informed and did her best to research any questions she could not answer right away. Tobe is a wonderful educator. Her clarity and thoroughness enables her to explain concepts in a very clear and concise manner; she made what could be a daunting menu of benefits and combinations easily discernible. She was honest and forthright when she felt we were going astray or looking at aspects of policies that may not be in our best interest. At the same time, she was always respectful of our particular concerns, needs, preferences and hesitations. Understanding the nuances of the products and benefits and helping us to foresee the future while making us comfortable with our decisions (so that we could finally make a decision!) is what we appreciated most. She shared her history with the long term care insurance industry in such a way that we felt comfortable navigating the news stories, others’ skepticism, and our own fears about making such a long term financial commitment. Ultimately, with Tobe’s professional and skilled guidance, we were able to confidently choose a policy that seems like the right fit for us.

Deborah Issokson and Liane BrombergHull, MA

Tobe Gerard of Tobe Gerard Insurance worked with my wife and me in developing a plan for our insurance needs. She made us understand the nuances and intricacies of the terminologies, and various services vis-à-vis the premiums. Tobe readily and patiently answered our questions in detail, and walked us through the application process. Her initial interview with us was phenomenal in sifting through our needs and wants, and to finally design an appropriately tailored policy that met our requirements. We would enthusiastically recommend this agency to our friends.

P.K. and O.K.    Burlington, MA

Long term care insurance was the furthest thing from my mind before an estate planner recommended that my husband and I consider it in order to protect our assets if we ever needed long term care. I wasn’t keen on imagining myself in a situation that would require long term care, but just to cover all bases, we met with Tobe — and then put off thinking about it for another year. At that time, Tobe made me aware of changes in various company policies that impacted women and the type of coverage I might want. I decided to apply and she guided me through myriad questions in a clear, timely, and thorough way, never being directive about particular companies, always focused on listening to what was most important to me. The application process can be difficult at various points – it can seem as if your health is called into question as you make your way through endless checklists of symptoms – but Tobe kept it upbeat, gave good guidance, and actually made it pleasant. When the process was complete and I had my policy in hand, I was sorry we had to part ways. In short, Tobe is terrific and great to work with – I would highly recommend her to anyone purchasing a policy or even to someone simply wanting to explore why LTCI might be a good idea.

An anonymous but grateful clientNewton, MA.

I am a former commercial casualty-property insurance broker, now retired from a national brokerage firm. I first met Tobe when she was a Long Term Care instructor at a Certified Insurance Counselor seminar I attended about eight years ago. I was impressed with her knowledge of LTC Insurance, as well as her ability to convey information in a clear and concise manner to the class, and keep it interesting. So, when I was finally ready to purchase LTC Insurance, Tobe was foremost in my mind, even though I know good local agents I could have also consulted about this product.

Once I started working with Tobe, I realized that, not only was she exceptionally knowledgeable about LTC Insurance, and could explain it very clearly, but she was also very thorough, extremely responsive to my questions, and had very quick turn around on items she needed to check into. And, I discovered that she really cared about me and the protection she felt I needed. And, a plus, she is truly a very, very nice person.

CMHPortland, ME

Having longevity issues in both of our families we realized the importance of, and the need for, comprehensive long term care coverage. Knowing the complexity of this product we wanted to work with the best–someone who is very knowledgeable in the product and would have the credibility that would give us a level of comfort that they had our best interests in mind. We did extensive research to find the business partner that we wanted to work with. After reading many articles we felt that we knew what we were looking for. Tobe’s website was very professional and the testimonials there were impressive. To verify the validity of what we read we even participated in all of the educational webinars that she offers. That sealed the deal. She obviously knew the subject matter inside and out and came across as the type of caring person that we would be comfortable working with. We are very glad that we made the decision that we did. We recently purchased a shared policy. During the entire process Tobe was by our side explaining, educating, and guiding us. With both of us being financial professionals we tended to ask a lot of questions. Tobe was able to answer all of our questions and was very patient in providing us with a level of comfort that the product we purchased was the best option for us. Regardless of whether you are very knowledgeable in this area or are a novice in this subject matter, we highly recommend Tobe as someone you should work with.

Bob & Marilyn O’ConnellWalpole, MA

In the past 45 years, we have dealt with dozens of agents and representatives for my legal, economic and other needs. As we reflect on the quality of service that we have received, we can say, without reservation, that Tobe Gerard was the best of them all. When we needed advice concerning Long Term Health Care, we were fortunate to find Tobe Gerard. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, focused on the needs of the client above all other considerations, and a very nice person to work with. Thank you Tobe!

Jack and Sue HeidbrinkBurlington MA

Nine years ago my family and I purchased a long term care policy for my mother from Tobe Gerard. Tobe was wonderful to work with, helping us find a policy that was affordable and that provided a basic safety net for my mother. Now, my mother is 92 years old and needs to draw on her policy benefits. I called Tobe for help in navigating the claims process. She jumped right in, got things moving and my mother is now receiving needed benefits. What impressed me most about Tobe is that she not only works hard to find the best insurance products for her customers, she also cares that the policies she sells deliver on the benefits they promise.

Haynes TurkleColrain MA

I have known Tobe Gerard in both professional and personal capacities for 10 years. Tobe is professional, intelligent, insightful, conscientious, thorough, and caring. Although I had a previous opportunity to purchase an employer-sponsored Long Term Care insurance plan, I chose to purchase through Tobe instead. Tobe presented me with an excellent range of options, patiently walked my husband and I through them (several times), promptly provided any further information we requested, and carefully discussed the pros and cons of each plan and variable. She (again, patiently!) answered my questions on filling out the application and kept us updated about its’ progress. When the insurance company wanted additional information and I was unable to respond due to a family emergency, Tobe smoothed the way for me. I could not possibly recommend anyone more highly than I recommend Tobe Gerard.

Andi SternTulsa, OK

I have had the good fortune of knowing and working with Tobe Gerard for over 15 years. It is rare to find someone who possesses a solid level of technical proficiency with a passion to do what is right for her customers. She truly does care about her customers. Recently I bought an LTC policy from Tobe even though I live 250 miles away! I am proud to call her my agent!

Curt Pearsall Whitesboro, NY

Tobe was an absolute delight to work with. She was a consummate professional who provided me with a comprehensive summary of Long Term Care insurance, including an honest assessment of which company, program and policy features AND benefits might work best for our family. She was a wealth of information, responsive to my many questions, and patient as I researched Long Term Care Insurance and ultimately purchased a policy. I’m glad I did, and am so pleased that I purchased it through Tobe Gerard Insurance, LLC!

Rob WarnerMarblehead, MA

Tobe Gerard is a true professional! We found her easy to work with and remarkably patient in explaining the sometimes complex information regarding Long Term Care Insurance. Tobe explained things well, respected our decision-making process and timetable, and was always approachable whenever we had questions. Tobe has a complete understanding of a range of insurance products. We found that we appreciated reviewing what several companies offered rather than looking at only one product. Now that we have selected the insurance that is right for us, Tobe continues to be a friendly, valued resource.

Mary and Edward ListonThornton, NH

You have completed your job in helping us with LTC insurance. And so, I want to thank you for your help. You have been just wonderful – very professional, efficient, clear, and with a human touch and a heart. One cannot count on all of that from the professionals we work with. We are thoroughly satisfied with your work on our behalf. We will be happy to recommend you to others.

Dr. and Mrs. P. DNewton, MA

What a stroke of luck and providence that my financial advisor suggested I talk to you about my mother’s Long Term Care Insurance. As an attorney, I have been dealing with insurance for thirty years. However, I never had experience with Long Term Care Insurance. I have come to appreciate your advice and expertise over these last several months.

Albert E. Clark, Attorney at LawSavannah GA

Tobe Gerard is nothing short of a miracle worker. After months of struggling to rescue a long-term care application from one provider’s rejection pile, Tobe found me and my wife an alternative, high-quality provider with essentially the same policy and for a substantial discount. What’s more, she’s a super communicator who will walk you through the gobbledygook lingo of the insurance world.

Robert Brown and Delia CabeBelmont, MA

Tobe Gerard listens, cares, and wants the very best for you. We think the best of her as she has demonstrated her best with and for us. End-of-time planning requires sensitive and professional management. Tobe has the gifts and the talent for making these plans a reality.

Reverend and Mrs. John F. RiceBass River, MA

Tobe Gerard Insurance has been an incredible resource in setting up a Long Term Care Insurance policy for my out of state father. My insurance agent for other policies referred me to Tobe Gerard Insurance because he knew of her expertise in LTC Insurance. I was delighted to find that not only was she indeed an expert, but she was patient, kind and thoughtful throughout the process. Tobe Gerard Insurance answered all of our questions, gave us time to digest the information, and always followed up and responded promptly. Tobe made herself available to meet in person, to have discussions over the phone, and to correspond via email. Tobe Gerard Insurance provided options and quotes for various policies while explaining every detail (sometimes multiple times, as we tried to remember all of the policy parameters) with kindness, professionalism, and patience. Tobe took time to ask and learn about my family and my parents’ situation. She took their specific health needs into consideration and explored different coverage scenarios with us. At no time did we feel any pressure from Tobe – just respect and support to help us find the best fit in a policy. Tobe Gerard Insurance provided expertise not only in LTC Insurance generally but in specific laws and regulations in another state (Wisconsin), where my parents reside. This was tremendously helpful. Tobe Gerard Insurance was also able to see us completely through the process (to policy purchase and activation) since Tobe maintains an active license for Wisconsin. I look forward to continuing to work with Tobe Gerard Insurance, and I recommend her without hesitation.

Connie H.Lexington MA